Masterworks Series “Halloween Classics”

Concert Information
Date: October 20, 2023
Location: Lifepoint Auditorium
Time: 7:30 pm
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Symphony Supporters:
September 18, 2023
General Public:
September 25, 2023

The FSO’s third season opens with a collection of spooky favorites that is perfect

for the entire family. But this Masterworks program, called Halloween Classics,

also features some of the greatest works in history. Children will tap along to In

the Hall of the Mountain King and the witch-led Danse Macabre and Night on Bald

Mountain. But the ultimate Halloween piece-and among the scariest symphonies

ever written for classical orchestra-is Symphonie Fantastique by Hector Berlioz.

This mature work taps into the creative and disturbed genius of Berlioz, who was

perhaps some 50 years ahead of his time.


In the Hall of the Mountain King-Grieg

Danse Macabre-Saint-Saëns

Ode to a Joyride-Balmages [World Premiere]

-Brian Balmages, guest conductor

Night on Bald Mountain-Mussorgsky

Symphonie Fantastique-Berlioz